About The Firm

“Your divorce process should be as personal and individual as you and your needs.”

After a successful career as an attorney supporting Manhattan’s top matrimonial and litigation firms, Ms. Silbert founded Ailie L. Silbert Family Law and Mediation in 2012 to pursue a better way. Namely, to empower clients with highly personal counsel and mediation options to reach amicable outcomes truly reflective of individual needs and goals.

Ailie L. Silbert Family Law and Mediation focuses on out-of-court settlements for one reason: to better serve clients through one of life’s most difficult times. Unlike the litigation process, families choosing a mediated or negotiated settlement have a stronger voice throughout the divorce process. Working with Ailie L. Silbert Law and Mediation is faster, easier and less stressful than navigating in court.

Prior to dedicating her practice to out-of-court settlements, Ms. Silbert successfully helped litigate and settle high-conflict divorce and custody matters on behalf of high-net-worth individuals living in New York City, Westchester and Long Island. Ms. Silbert worked for the boutique matrimonial firm Herman, Sloan, Robarge & Sullivan and was a founding associate at Rosenthal & Herman before starting her own practice.

With vast experience supporting same-sex, straight, traditional, non-traditional, married and unmarried couples with their divorce, custody, prenuptial and postnuptial matters, Ailie L. Silbert Family Law and Mediation is ready to serve you.

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